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Why Ghana

Ghana is Africa's largest gold producer

Ghana produced 21 million ounces of gold over the last five years that led to over 33 Billion USD in revenue. Ghana holds some of the world’s largest gold reserves. Southern Ghana has been considered one of the elite regions for gold discoveries for some time. Large gold producers (including Newmont and Kinross) and many other explorations have seen huge success in 2020 and 2021.

Ghana has a stable, and democratic government that supports mining

Ghana has a strong democratic government resulting in political stability. The mining industry accounts for over 50% of foreign direct investment and is the largest tax-paying sector in the country.

Ghana is home to the Ashanti and Sefwi belts

Ghana’s prolific Ashanti and Sefwi volcanic belts and the location of Neo Mining’s Seniagya and Dua-Yaw Gold Projects hosts several multi-million- ounce gold deposits. Local mines are operated by some of the world’s largest gold companies including Newmont (23M oz), AngloGold Ashanti (23M oz), Golden Star (13.4M oz), Goldfields (25M oz), and Kinross (5M oz).

Ghana offers modern infrastructure and skilled mining labor

Ghana has an advanced infrastructure platform compared with most African countries, including water, electricity, and mobile networks. The country’s long history of mining has provided a skilled and well-educated mining workforce. An English-speaking populace makes business relatively easy to conduct.