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Why Invest?

We value our shareholders. We take logical, thoughtful, calculated risks because our first commitment is to our shareholders. We’re in this to create success and strong returns for both.

Our Commitment

Leadership: A top-tier record of making money for shareholders. Millions raised, resulting in numerous major wins for shareholders.

Institutional Funding: Management has extensive relationships and experience with banks and brokers, including significant knowledge of, and relationships in West Africa. Clear access to institutional funding.

Incentivized Management: Our overriding goal is to build a gold company that provides exceptional shareholder returns.

Ghana: #1 in Africa for gold, proven and stable jurisdiction, known for big, successful mines and government support. Ghana is emerging as a prime location for major new discoveries and ease of operation.

Seniagya Pekyerekye and Dua Yaw Nkwanta: Quality assets with potentially 1.5M ounces of gold and exceptional expansion potential in a region known for 5 million-ounce deposits. Neo Mining is one of the largest mineral property landholders in southern Ghana, and the project remains substantially underexplored.

Share structure: Less than 40 million shares outstanding and insiders who invested significant amounts of their capital alongside investors.

Gold: RRight commodity. Right time. We believe the current gold market momentum will continue, and we have the assets in place to capitalize on our strategy.

Gold was one of the best performing major assets of 2020 and 2021, driven by a combination of low interest rates and positive price momentum.

Gold also had one of the lowest drawdowns during the past two years, thus helping investors limit losses and manage volatility risk in their portfolios.

Investors’ preference for physical and physical-linked gold products over the last two years further supports anecdotal evidence that gold was used by many as a strategic asset, rather than purely as a tactical play.

Gold has historically performed well amid equity market pullbacks as well as periods of high inflation. In years when inflation was higher than 3%, gold’s price increased 15% on average. Additionally, research by Oxford Economics shows that gold should do well in periods of deflation. Such periods are typically characterized by low interest rates and high financial stress, all of which tend to foster demand for gold.